Today, November 26, Lithuanian chamber of housing management and Greenovate! Europe (G! E) have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim to assist each other in the field of their activities.

„I am pleased that we are expanding and strengthening our contacts with organizations operating at the European level. This agreement will help us benefit from Greenovate! Europe members’ experience in developing and implementing sustainable building and energy solutions. We will be able to participate in joint projects, our voice will be better heard,” – says Daiva Matonienė, President Lithuanian chamber of housing management.

Greenovate! Europe (G!E) is a not-for-profit network of organisations dedicated to supporting sustainable innovation. Its members span the research and innovation value chain – from research centers through to industrial clusters, innovation consultants to communication and engagement agencies.

“As a network we contribute to the creation of an environmentally and socially sustainable economy in Europe by developing sustainability projects, supporting researchers to promote and advance their research results, and helping entrepreneurs and policy-makers to take them up for real impact.” – says Vicky Mosteyrin Perdiguero, managing director of Greenovate! Europe.

Lithuanian chamber of housing management (LCH) and Greenovate! Europe (G! E) has agreed to cooperate and support the innovative solutions in Europe and elsewhere, to have regular meetings, to collaborate in the implementation of programmes and projects, particularly Horizon Europe, by exchanging information and building relevant consortia. In the long run, a successful cooperation between both organizations might lead to a full LCH Membership in Greenovate! Europe.

Lithuanian chamber of housing management is a non-governmental, non-profit organization representing the interests of apartment house owners’ communities and their associations, and companies administering residential buildings. Lithuanian chamber of housing management assists the Government in implementing the energy saving and home renovation program. Provides guidance to homeowners, communities, and administrators on how to achieve the expected energy savings more rationally and efficiently.